Tax: Week 2
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One down, three to go.

January is over!!!!  Which means we have two and a half more months to go until the end of my first tax season.

I must say, tax season has brought my studying to almost a full stop.  What is everyone doing to keep up with their studies!?  It has really become tough to study, work and keep a some-what healthy lifestyle.

Has anyone read January’s Accounting Today article titled, What's Up With Your Docs?  It talks about working in a paperless environment.  I lead the way to a paperless work place at my last employer.  It caught on rather quickly.  We kept a shared drive with the typical directory tree structure.  The firm I am with now, went paperless a year before my arrival.  We utilize CCH Document in addition to the shared drive storage.  I find Document to be very unreliable.  After months of pushing Document, I have went back to the shared drive.  It is dependable.  A few times I have searched for a PDF that was uploaded (or scanned) into Document, and came up empty.  (and I know, for a fact, it was sent to Document)

I've tried to go paperless at home a few years ago.  A few months into it, my hard drive crashed before I was able to implement a back up schedule, resulting with me reverting back to the old fashion way of keep personal records.  To be honest, I have thought about cutting back on the amount of papers I keep.  I have always kept receipts for all credit card purchases and every paycheck stub.  But I find it tough to answer the question WHY?!  Most of the information, if needed, can be downloaded from the internet. 

Is your office paperless?  How do you keep your personal finances?



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