Its been a long time!
First Tax Season

Tax season ahead

This has been a crazy quarter!  First Thanksgiving then BAAAM! Christmas & Chanukah season is here.  It is hard to even think of the holiday times when there is so much going on.  Not only work, but studying and the dreaded tax season which starts in a few weeks. 


Speaking of tax season, how does your schedule change during these months?  How do you keep the life/work/study balance?  I look forward to reading some of your answers. 


I still am questioning my I am still pursuing the CPA certification.  There are so many other certifications out there, however, they all have one thing in common; the fact that many CPAs hold these other certifications.  This only tells me that after I am certified, I should specialize in one of these subject matters and gain a second certification.  This will allow me to go down what one would call the nontraditional CPA path, which is anything that isn’t tax or audit. 


Well, off to another study session with Roger CPA Review Course!!


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