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Hello Again!

Technical Difficulties



I am typing this post on an old 15 inch laptop that has 6 keys missing and a charger that has a short in the cord. Due to storms, I have had sporadic blackouts, which meant no wifi in the house. My iPad wont charge and my beloved iMac is in repair, AGAIN!


But yet and still, I've still found the time and motivation to study. I used the technical difficulties as a sort of challenge. No matter what happened, I knew what I had to get done to stay on track and keep my study schedule.


I  learned this week not only how to plan and stay on track, but also how to plan for the unexpected.

I know that if I'd taken a break because of these set backs, it would've taken a week to get back on track.


 I now have a sort of study contingency plan in  case something like this happens again.

 My iMac should be ready today and I ordered another keypad for this laptop, just in case.


Anybody else  have study contingency plans?



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