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Kindle CPA Reviews

Do you know we have Kindle editions of CPA Reviews available? And some of Kindle's CPA Reviews cost less than paper backs and they are convenient. We can carry them any where read, highlight and scribble some notes just beside the text.

If you don't have Kindle you can still purchase them and can use these books by installing Free Kindle applications on your PC(Windows), Mac and mobile phones .. . Click here for more details 

I am using  Roger CPA Review for Regulation. Combining Wiley's focus notes with my review helped me to save time while I am preparing flashcards for key points.

Here are some Kindle editions.(You can download sample files of these editions before purchasing them.)


Wiley Kindle books


CPAExcel Kindle Editions


Other CPA Reviews


Some sample pages from my Kindle


Focus notes Wiley Regulation 


CPAExcel's Review and a page from its Kindle edition 



Benefits of using these books:

  • You can carry them any where, they can also be accessed on your mobile phones.
  • You can highlight them and add notes any where.
  • You can also revise MCQ's and simulations.
  • They cost less than paper backs.
  • You can listen your Review using text to speech feature.
  •  These files can be saved to your portable devices or PC or Mac, no need to make multiple purchases.
  • These devices weigh less than our four pound paper back. 

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